Interactive Activity

DITRW emphasizes consistent exposure to the core areas of Academic Achievement, Social Etiquette, Money Management, Positive Peer Interaction, Decision Making and more.

Ultimate Fundraising Tool

Raise funds for your youth organization while teaching the value of a college education, job readiness, the consequences of crime, parenting, and household budgeting.

Latest Technology

With the help of custom software, parents and mentors can give students a vivid replication of a "Day in the Real World" with the ability to manage life scenarios, college admissions, player employment and more!

DITRW - Bringing the Reality of Life Closer to Reality

Community Workshops

Parents and Teachers are using "Day in the Real World" software to enhance their curriculum. Free community workshops are also held to provide students with real world simulation experience.

Academics is the cornerstone for success at all ages. "Day in the Real World" uses it's game experience to show students the importance of grades and their future. Students are able to grasp the concept of college admissions and how their grades and test scores play a factor in the path to their future career.

The innocence and dreams of a child is a student's most valuable assest. Unfortunately many of our students do not associate their current success with their ability to enjoy the life that they have envisioned. Using creative techniques, DITRW simulates a working environment to show kids the concept of bills and budgets.

Times have changed, but peer pressure is still prevalent and "kids will be kids". But the actions that students take now can drastically effect their future goals. This includes but not limited to study habits, relationships, and even criminal activity. The "Day in the Real World" game forces the students to make life changing decisions under the protection of simulation.

In today's corporate society, the ability to work with others is almost as important as the ability to do the work. The "Day in the Real World" game simulation includes opportunities for students to showcase professionalism and to work with each other to achieve common goals in an effort to win the game.

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Identify your school, sports team, or youth group with students that could benefit from the DITRW experience.


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Utilize the real world simulation tool to engage your students while raising funds for your organization!


These organizations have partnered with "Day in the Real World" to deliver free community workshops for middle and high school students.