Adult Dashboard

Administer a "Real World" simulation by managing student college admissions, employment status, and even family emergencies.

Student Portal

Give students the power to simultaneously collect donations while participating in real world activities like applying for college, paying bills, day care and more !

Easy Integration

Debit and credit card donations collected by students are synced with their simulation and incorporated into student virtual bank accounts to be used for bill pay.

Incentive Based

Let students compete with running game scores and ranking. Reward students with job promotions and college credits, and even discipline with simulated arrests.

Multiple Games

Break students or classrooms into groups and manage several "Day in the Real World" simulations with multiple parent, teacher, and mentor admin users.

Access Anywhere

"Day in the Real World" is a web-based tool that is simple and easy to use. It can be access by both adults and students anywhere, and includes our online support.

Parent Testimonial

Give your students the "Real World" experience with a mentoring simulation!